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Biocide-free Environmental Test dry sponge sampling sponge

Cellulose is an ideal sampling material for monitoring for the presence of food-borne pathogens and meets specifications for sample collection of the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Register (Vol 61, No. 144, 1996). The durable sponge is biocide-free and will not affect organism viability. It is decontaminated through gamma irradiation to maintain aseptic conditions. As a dry sponge, this product can be used with any number of in-house or pre-mixed buffers and sampling solutions to meet the testing needs at the time the sample is taken. It is suitable for use in dry-only facilities where dry sampling is required. The cellulose material is effective for capturing particulates in dry sampling scenarios.




Biocide-free Environmental Test dry sponge sampling sponge is free of Antibacterial agent and Humectants, it is totally food-grade/medical-grade sponge, can be used in laboratory environment.


Raw Material: Wood pulp cellulose

Dry Sponge Size: 80 x 37 x 1mm, 70 x 37 x 1mm, 78 x 40 x 2mm, or also as per requirement

Expanding Thickness In Wet: 15mm or also as per requirement

Packaging: 100/200 pcs in one heat seal polybag, 10,000-13,000 pcs per carton box.

Environmental Test, Environmental Monitoring, Sampling, Hang, Packaging & Storage Testing and etc…
Our sampling service, giving you the opportunity to properly evaluate products to check and confirm with the material, sepcifacation and quality whether they meet your needs before you place the formal order.

Sampling lead time will normally take 2~7 days. And you will receive the product samples around 7~14 days.(ship by DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS)
Whatever you need, contact us and we will be pleased to help.×
Our sales team works closely with you to understand your products, business and vision. We review both internal and external factors, from product information to environmental factors involved in production, packaging and testing requirements. We form well considered opinions as a basis for recommending, improving and strengthening your products, before choosing the right format and manufacturing base.

Once our sales team has gathered all the information we then hand the project over to our sourcing team who will look carefully at the project needs and objectives to find the right location to manufacture the goods. They will look at issues of price, quality and delivery times before making a decision.

International companies also require a high standard of social, ethical and environmental compliance which must be passed on to their customers. We pride ourselves on only using factories that can pass social, ethical and environmental compliance audits, carried out by recognized international testing companies.×
Within our company we have a vast understanding of client’s requests involving packaging. From designing detailed items to undertaking in-depth solutions we offer brand awareness with complex ideas to help improve packaging so your customers feel they have been offered creative and informative solutions. Master Sponge always considers the environmental impact of materials used in packaging and researches new and improved ways of communicating the message to the end user.

We are able to offer a variety of different packaging options, such as PP bag with coloured card, PE bag with colored card, Blister (Clamshell), PVC box, etc, your logo and company name are able to be placed on the packaging, and/or on products as well.

Master Sponge can therefore offer a full through the line service from designing and developing new products, through the stages of mass production, packing and delivery to the clients doorstep.×
在主人法国vs丹麦预测比分的海绵我们理解需要严格quality guidelines to be imprinted into our organizational structure. China has a distinct lack of professionalism when it comes to issues of quality. With our quality control office sustained by professionally trained staff, overseen directly by our senior management and located in the heart of the manufacturing district; we are able to demand the highest standard of quality from our suppliers.

Quality starts with organization; we have many factories wishing to work with us but are very selective when choosing them. We send our trained audit technician who will look round the factory to assess whether it can pass international ethical & social inspections. Once this is done we will look at the machinery and make sample products to ensure the quality and manufacturing process is to our standards. We then talk to the management to assess whether or not they are people who we can discuss and solve complex problems with.

Once this is complete we will begin to produce products by placing our own Quality Control representative to oversee all production.×
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